About Gli Artisti


Artisti Pizzeria was founded from the shared dream of creating an authentic Italian experience in Edmonton through the two owners Rocco and Giuseppe and their love for pizza. Giuseppe and Rocco first met working together at an Italian grocery store and as time progressed their friendship grew very rapidly. They soon discovered their shared goal of opening a restaurant that would represent the passion they have towards the Italian culture and cuisine. Their aim is to provide the community with the best authentic Italian thin crust pizza’s that tastes just like home.

To begin, Rocco was born in Palmanova, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region of Italy. Growing up, he moved a lot throughout the region. Rocco’s true journey began at the age of 16, when he made his very first pizza while working at L’arte della pizza in Bibione. From there, Rocco’s true passion was discovered when he went to work at Pizzeria al tajer in the province of Venice. Rocco worked at this location as a pizzaiolo for 12 years before he finally seeked his next endeavour to Edmonton in 2013. Rocco’s ultimate reason for moving to Canada was founded on his hopes and dreams of having his own pizzeria. He knew that this country presented more opportunities for him and was determined to accomplish his goal. When he first arrived in Edmonton, he started working at an Italian grocery store as well as few other Italian restaurants. However, after meeting his partner Giuseppe he knew that it was time for them to accomplish their dream and embark on their next journey.


Giuseppe was born in Bologna and grew up in the small town of Ca’d’Onofrio in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Giuseppe’s love for Italian food began through his mother as she continuously served delicious pizza and pasta that she always made homemade. Every dish she makes is excellent but Giuseppe always had one favourite growing up being his mother’s thin-crust pizza. Upon his completion of High School in 2011 Giuseppe decided to move to Edmonton. His desire was to see the world, and to temporarily live abroad. However, once he saw the endless opportunities offered he was determined to stay and live in Edmonton. Giuseppe started to work in an Italian grocery store, through the next seven years Giuseppe worked in the deli and coffee shop where he acquired many new skills that would help him be successful. Giuseppe was constantly developing great relationships with customers through his product knowledge and love of Italian cuisine which he hoped would benefit him with his upcoming journey of opening a restaurant.


Rocco and Giuseppe truly believe pizza is an art which is why they decided to name the restaurant “artists”. As they begin this new chapter of their lives they hope to accomplish a positive experience for their customers and a restaurant where every bite you take seems like you are eating in Italy. Their objective is to create a restaurant where every individual can encounter Italian culture and cuisine and experience the beauty and joy it has brought to Rocco and Giuseppe’s life. We truly hope you embark on our next journey with us!

The Art of Pizza